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About Us

About City Beauty

City Beauty is a luxury beauty brand with cutting-edge creativity at its core. We have built a foundation upon our dedication to our customers’ high level of satisfaction with scientifically innovative new formulas. We offer luxury beauty solutions designed from the highest quality ingredients to effectively deliver long lasting results our customers can feel proud of.

City Beauty believes beauty is your right. That’s why we continuously devote a vast amount of time to testing our products while researching the latest and safest ingredients that can enhance what we offer. The combinations of effective ingredients we use in each of our products have been carefully designed to deliver the best product and results possible.

Our Story

City Beauty was born in 2002, when our founder decided to finally do something about a problem that had been plaguing her for years: thin lips.

Not satisfied with other products that made bold promises but then failed to deliver, City Beauty was committed to one thing: creating beauty solutions that worked simply and effectively while dealing with the issues our skin faces in today's environment.

To that end, she assembled a hand-picked team of authorities on health and beauty. After years of research and development, as well as multiple formulas that failed to meet impossibly high standards, City Beauty finally debuted its first breakthrough product: City Lips.

As word spread that an effective, affordable lip plumper had finally been created, City Beauty found itself developing a reputation for trustworthiness that it still enjoys today.

Over time, our research team has also discovered cutting-edge solutions to many of the primary cosmetic issues facing women today, including eyelash enhancement, anti-aging skincare, and much more.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing what happens to people when you help them achieve the youthful, healthy look they deserve.

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